Glenwood is a community in Catron County. Founded in 1878 as Bush Ranch, today the town is home to approximately 300 residents. Located near the San Francisco River, Glenwood is 65 miles northwest of Silver City on U.S. Route 180, and is 39 miles south of Reserve.

Minutes from the Gila Wilderness and just south of the Gila National Forest, this is some of the most picturesque country in New Mexico. Great place to stay and eat and friendly folks everywhere.

Glenwood New Mexico has been granted with the distinction of having the "Darkest Sky" in the Nation. "This is one of the best sites for Astronomy on planet earth." according to Dr. A.D. Grauer retired professor of astronomy. The Cosmic Campground is located 12 miles north of town.

We welcome your visit and encourage you to stay. We have hot springs, labyrinths, accommodations with kitchens and B&B's, art galleries, event sites, campgrounds and convenience stores. It's the perfect place for relaxing, sightseeing, fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, birding, hunting and gazing at the starry night sky.

The 2013 summer rains caused the creeks to rise and to fall. Damage was sustained at the Catwalk National Recreation Area, Mogollon, Cooney's Tomb and Mineral Creek.  Repairs are underway. For information please contact the Glenwood Ranger Station.

"A Guide to Alma, Glenwood, Mogollon and Pleasanton" is available.

5109 Hwy 180 Glenwood NM, 88039
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