Understanding Fire in New Mexico

New Mexico is blessed with vast areas of stunning, undeveloped wilderness – one of the things that draws so many visitors to our state every year. But that same asset is also the reason New Mexico experiences seasonal wildland fires. New Mexico is an enormous state, with over 120,000 square miles of territory. It is important to remember that during any given wildfire occurrence, only a tiny fraction of the state is effected. There will still be thousands upon thousands of acres of forests and prairies in which to enjoy a New Mexico adventure. And our cities, towns and pueblos offer hundreds of site-doing activities – museums, art galleries, historical tours, wineries, shopping, traditional cuisine and more.

On this page you will find links to national and state websites that contain current information regarding fire conditions in New Mexico and across the southwest. On the rest of the site, you will find all the information you need to plan your next adventure steeped in culture.

Fire Information and Resources

“...The New Mexico Fire Information website is an interagency effort by federal and state agencies in New Mexico to provide timely, accurate fire and restriction information for the entire state. ”

New Mexico fire Information and Resources

The New Mexico Fire Information website is an interagency effort by federal and state agencies in New Mexico to provide timely, accurate fire and restriction information for the entire state. The agencies that support this site are National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, State of New Mexico, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management.

This site will be updated as often as new information is available from the Southwest Coordination Center, individual forests, national parks, state lands, tribal ands and BLM offices. Our aim is to provide one website where the best available information and links related to fire and restrictions can be accessed.

Nm Fire Restrictions and Closures

“...The Fire Restrictions Website is dedicated to providing fire restrictions/closures information for lands managed by state, tribal and federal land management agencies.”

The Fire Restrictions Website is dedicated to providing fire restrictions/closures information for lands managed by state, tribal and federal land management agencies.

Fire restrictions/closures information for lands managed by municipalities, cities, towns and counties may not be posted on this website; however that does not mean there are no restrictions/closures. For the most current information, please contact the local, state, federal or tribal agency that manages the area you plan to visit or that you’re interested in.

This website is NOT A REAL-TIME website; however, their goal is to provide timely and accurate fire restrictions/closures information.

How to Use the Fire Restrictions Map

How to Use the Map

Each state is divided into areas, and each area divided into units. Units represent lands managed by local, state, federal or tribal agencies. These units are represented by one or more counties on the map.

When a unit within a county is in fire restrictions/closures, that county will be shaded: GREEN for a local burn ban; YELLOW for Stage 1; ORANGE for Stage 2; and RED when multiple units are closed.

The unit with the highest level of restrictions/closures within each county determines its color. For example, if two units within an county are in restrictions - one in Stage 1 and the other in Stage 2 - the higher restriction takes precedence and the entire county is shaded ORANGE. That a whole county is shaded one color DOES NOT mean that all units within that county are in restrictions/closures or in the same level of restrictions/closures.

For specific information, select the county or unit that you're interested in and READ THE TEXT below the map. If you need more information, contact the agency who manages the area you plan to visit.

Wildland Fire and Recreation Report for New Mexico

“...Opportunities for having fun on public lands abound year round. ”

Wildfire and Recreation Report for New Mexico

Opportunities for having fun on public lands abound year round, even during the summer fire season. Scattered wildfires may temporarily affect travel while being managed or suppressed by fire crews, but there is always some place where you can camp, hike, fish, visit historic sites or take a leisurely drive to enjoy the scenery.

The Public Lands website is intended for recreationists who who want to know how government and tribal agencies' Fire Restrictions and Closures, as well as prescribed burning, are going to affect camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. For information about active wildfires, please use the links below.

And remember, fireworks are ALWAYS illegal on public lands!!

For a complete list of Open/Closures and Restrictions visit these websites

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