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What makes you New Mexico True? Is it your heritage, your love for our dramatic scenery, your passion for our flavorful cuisine, or all of the above?

This is your home for the inspiration and experiences that make New Mexico True. Here you can watch the True Stories of New Mexicans, just like you, that followed their dreams to create something incredible. You can experience New Mexico’s greatest adventures. You can pledge to keep New Mexico True with a community clean up, and you can share New Mexico True with the ones you love.

New Mexico True Stories

“...True Stories Told By True New Mexicans”

Inspirational New Mexicans share the stories about what ignites their passion and how New Mexico has played a vital role in the dreams they are following. These New Mexico True Stories show why the people of New Mexico, our people, are the nation's strongest and most awe-inspiring.


Be inspired. Watch these unique and compelling stories.

Keep New Mexico True

“...It’ll take a little work, but we can keep our state clean and beautiful with the help of dedicated volunteers like you”

Every year more than 6,000 pieces of trash land on every mile of road in the state. It’ll take a little work, but we can keep our state clean and beautiful with the help of dedicated volunteers like you.Take the Pledge to Keep New Mexico True by participating in a clean up or community beautification event in your neighborhood.

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Keep New Mexico True


New Mexico True TV

“...Make road-tripping a little easier”

With so much to see and do in New Mexico, it’s hard to decide where to begin your trip.  The New Mexico Tourism Department, in partnership with Cliffdweller Digital, is making road-trippin' a little easier with New Mexico True Television.


Explore the state’s most memorable destinations.

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Share New Mexico True with your friends and family who live out of state with a free one year subscription to New Mexico Magazine when you subscribe to the magazine yourself. Each month they’ll receive the award-winning publication full of feature stories and photos that will inspire their next trip, and you’ll have a sneak peek inside the best cuisine, arts, events, and travel New Mexico has to offer.

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