New Mexico True Television

New Mexico True Television

With so much to see and do in New Mexico,
it’s hard to decide where to begin your trip.

Come along with our host, Michael Newman, as he explores the state’s most memorable destinations (and meets a few interesting characters along the way). New Mexico True Television airs Sunday mornings in select New Mexico and Texas markets, but you can also check out the full episodes here. 

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    Season 5 - Episode 2: Las Cruces & Organ Mountains

      Las Cruces is New Mexico's second largest city, and it offers a wealth of activity and adventure for the traveler. The Emmy award winning NM True Crew hikes, snacks, shops and sews (yes, sews) its way through just a small sampling of those available fun outings.

    Lake Valley Historic Townsite 

    Ghost towns might or might not have actual ghosts, but what they all have in abundance is history. Lake Valley is no exception, with a rich heritage dating back to the 1800s and the boom of the silver mining industry in southern New Mexico. Along with sister “ghost towns” of Hillsboro and Kingston Lake Valley provides a glimpse back to what life was like decades upon decades ago in New Mexico.

    Chala’s Grill

    This family-owned restaurant is relatively new, but the family history in the Mesilla Valley goes back generations. That heritage of chile farming and traditional cooking blends with the modern training of the restaurant's chef to create a menu that embraces all that makes this region special. 

    Art Obscura

    The never-ending search for the intriguing and unusual reaped big rewards in Las Cruces when the Emmy winning NM True Crew paid a visit to Art Obscura. The paired collections of antiques and collectibles with contemporary works of local artists make this a compelling place to visit. It’s all for sale, but “just looking” here is a treat as well.

    Indian Hollow, Aguirre Springs & Dripping Springs Hikes

    There is a common saying that it is about the journey, not the destination. But after some hiking in the Organ Mountains outside of Las Cruces Michael and the NM True Crew might argue it is both. The climbs to higher ground included an abundance of both beauty and interesting information from their guide. And the views from the top…stunning.

    NM True TV - Season 5 - Episode 1: Artesia

    The Emmy award winning NM True Crew explores this southeastern New Mexico city, with the help of schoolkids who wrote in to boast about all it has to offer. From treasure hunting to a heritage walk, from food to fun, the youngsters act as proud tour guides showing off all that Artesia offers.

    Artesia Historical Museum

    A young Artesia student offers the Emmy award winning NM True Crew some history lessons, not in the classroom but in the museum that houses the heritage of the southeastern New Mexico city.

    Artesia Restaurants

    There isn’t one good place to eat in Artesia, since it became clear to the Emmy award winning NM True Crew there are several. Young local tour guides lead a culinary adventure through the southeast New Mexico city, and the True Crew gets a taste of all Artesia offers for a hungry visitor.  


    You can find fun and adventure in the most unusual places, with a little help from a hobby known as geocaching. A young Artesia, NM fan of this treasure hunting takes Michael and the Emmy award winning NM True Crew on a search for hidden caches. And the thrills are more about the searching than the finding.

    Heritage Walk & Peter Hurd Mural

    Artesia, NM boasts of a diverse and adventure-filled history. And a young tour guide insisted on taking the Emmy award winning NM True Crew on a walking tour of the amazing sculptures and maybe more amazing mural that capture all the excitement and rich heritage of this southeastern New Mexico city.