Farmington Area Attractions

In the heart of America's beautiful Southwest this area features world-class cultural treasures and magnificent landscapes surrounding the city of Farmington. Nestled in the picturesque San Juan River valley, within site of Colorado's San Juan Mountains and the desert highlands of Arizona and Utah, Farmington is a perfect place for enjoying unforgettable outdoor recreation and travel adventures.

Points of Interest

Salmon Ruins and Heritage Park Offers 11th-century pueblo ruins, historical buildings and a museum.

Aztec Ruins National Monument Covers 320 acres. Early Euro-American settlers erroneously assumed the people who built these villages were Aztecs, hence the name of the ruins and of the modern town of Aztec.

San Juan River In New Mexico is recognized as one of the finest freshwater fisheries in the world. A four-mile section of San Juan River holds more than 80,000 trout averaging over 17”.

Bisti Badlands This stark landscape was once an ancient sea. When the last Ice Age receded 6,000 years ago, it finally exposed the fossils and eroding rock in the fantastic hoodoos seen here today.

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