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13th Annual Gila River Festival
Presented By: Gila Conservation Coalition
Dates: 9/21/2017, 9/22/2017, 9/23/2017, 9/24/2017
Location: Silver City, Gila River, Gila National Forest
Address: Silver City, 88061
Phone: 575.538.8078
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Price: Free and paid events

Established in 2005, the Gila River Festival is an annual event that celebrates New Mexico's last free-flowing river and its important role as the centerpiece in our region’s natural and cultural heritage. The 13th annual festival will explore the bountiful native foods, plants, and medicines of the Gila River and its watershed, and how they have sustained regional cultures for millennia. Featuring river outings, field trips, seed saving and mesquite milling workshops, storytelling, meals, cooking and foraging for edible native crops, kayaking, birding, fly-fishing, and many other hands on activities designed to foster a deeper intimacy with the Gila River. Presenters include author and activist Winona LaDuke, the Fort Sill Apache Fire Dancers, historian and author Jack Loeffler , acequia parciante, and biologist Miguel Santistevan , Pueblo artist and author Roxanne Swentzell and writer Denise Chavez . The Gila River Festival's mission is to engage and educate diverse audiences in the natural and cultural heritage of the Gila River and its watershed through an annual multi-disciplinary nature festival. Our goal it to provide enriching opportunities for participants to experience the Gila River first hand and from diverse perspectives, creating a deeper intimacy with the river and a strong sense of place.

13th Annual Gila River Festival
  • Silver City, 88061
  • to
  • Silver City, Gila River, Gila National Forest
  • Free and paid events