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CineFesta Italia 2018 - Film Industry Panel Discussion
Presented By: CineFesta Italia
Dates: April 21, 2018
Location: Jean Cocteau Cinema
Address: 418 Montezuma Avenue, Santa Fe, 87501
Phone: 505.428.9297
Time: 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Price: FREE

The Format Dilemma:
With the emergence of so many media platforms, how do emerging filmmakers identify a target format? In an evolving marketplace, with more platforms and formats than ever before in the history of entertainment, ranging from sVOD, Network, Cable, Feature, Shorts, Serialized Short-Form, 10x10, 3x25, Vertical Handheld, and so on; how do filmmakers gage which studios, platforms, and formats to target for their projects?

How Dark Can We Go?
sVOD seems to be inundated with a wave of very dark themes. With super-hit TV shows like Stranger Things, Man In High Castle, Mr. Robot, Westworld, Game of Thrones and most recently Altered Carbon, the list of post-apocalyptic and dark-themed series appears on the rise and that the media zeitgeist is getting darker and darker. However, with a new wave of #social movements sweeping across America today, from #MeToo, #TimesUp, #BlackLivesMatter, #Enough, #MarchForOurLives, it appears that there might be a disconnect between the media studios are offering and audiences are craving. How will these movements affect the stories that filmmakers want to tell and audiences want to see?

Followed by Panelists’ “CineRant” and Q&A ?

CineFesta Italia 2018 - Film Industry Panel Discussion
  • 418 Montezuma Avenue
  • Santa Fe, 87501
  • to
  • Jean Cocteau Cinema
  • FREE