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Columbus Day celebration
Dates: October 14, 2017
Location: 215 Broadway Ave.
Address: Broadway Ave., Park Plaza, Columbus, 88029
Time: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Price: free

Come and discover Columbus! Join local residents as they celebrate a special day set aside just for them and you too of course! A place where people still know you by your name and welcome you into their home. Join in the traditional parade, partake of local cuisine from food vendors in the Plaza, watch the teams of folkloric dancers as they celebrate life and their culture. Or just come hang out and listen to local musicians jam in the Park. Bring a chair and some money to get you through the day! Come and discover Columbus, you'll be glad you did.

Columbus Day celebration
  • Broadway Ave.
  • Columbus, 88029
  • to
  • 215 Broadway Ave.
  • free