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Creating Your Own Prints Without a Press
Presented By: Light Art Space
Dates: March 14, 2020
Address: 209 West Broadway, Silver City, NM 88061
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Price: $60

In this workshop, you will learn the techniques of carving your own designs using rubber carving blocks and printing them using water-soluble inks.  All prints will be made without a printing press. These prints can then be used in a variety of ways…framed, notecards, books, etc.

First, I will introduce the materials for carving. I will offer some tips on transferring or drawing your images to the block, how to most accurately carve your image, and avoid mistakes in preparing your block for printing.

Once the blocks are carved, I will demonstrate and how to apply the inks to the blocks, placing your paper properly and transferring your image accurately.

Instructor:  Once retired, Linda had time to pursue her art interests.  She has been involved in jewelry making, quilting, knitting, bookbinding, mono-printing, and eco-dyeing.  After a career in teaching, it was natural to teach workshops for PaperWorks and other small groups.  She has been published in art magazines, her work has been in several galleries and sold at art shows.  One of her artist books is in the collection at the University of Arizona Poetry Center.

Silver City
Creating Your Own Prints Without a Press
  • 209 West Broadway
  • Silver City, NM 88061
  • to
  • Light Art Space
  • $60