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Dean Pulver: Elemental Resonance
Dates: December 13, 2019 - April 26, 2020
Recurrence: Recurring daily
Address: 238 Ledoux St., Taos, Taos, 87571
Time: Tuesday - Friday: Open 10am - 5pm, Saturday - Sunday: Open Noon - 5pm
Price: Free with Admission to Museum

Visit the Museum to see works by Dean Pulver : Dean Pulver is a full-time sculptor and furniture maker working in wood. Growing up in a multi-cultural family of artists in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he was influenced by his German and Irish father, a commercial illustrator, art director and painter, and his Japanese mother, a clothing designer and fiber artist.

"I’m interested in making pieces that are resonate and reflective. To resonate, meaning to evoke or suggesting images, memories, and emotions. And reflective, meaning being brought into deep thought and contemplation. I find that in using forms that are basic and elemental, there becomes an openness for the viewer to creating multi-referential relationships to the pieces. I am creating simple but rich forms to reference man and nature, engineering and design, creation and invention, time and transition, and growth and change. I feel that recognizing and celebrating this overlap of nature, science and creativity is essential in these times. Through honoring the handmade process and the traditional techniques of my medium, I strive to make pieces that are full of truth and meaning. My hope is to create a beauty that is true and pure, and resonates in the mind. Seducing the senses through the opposition and balance of forms, textures, and content. To create pieces that are raw and honest and express the perfection in imperfection. Layered with reference to nature, culture, creativity, life and living, they are meant to be monuments to our existence." - Dean Pulver

Dean Pulver: Elemental Resonance
  • 238 Ledoux St.
  • Taos, 87571
  • to
  • Harwood Museum of Art
  • Free with Admission to Museum
  • Recurring daily