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Painters Painting, Tom Dixon & Peter Parks
Presented By: 203 Fine Art
Dates: August 11, 2018 - September 3, 2018
Recurrence: Recurring daily
Address: 1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite i, Taos, NM 87571
Time: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Price: free

203 Fine Art, Presents:  Painters Painting, Tom Dixon & Peter Parks

Artists Reception: August 11th,  5 pm to 7 pm
Exhibition Dates: August 11th - September 3rd

Open daily by appointment.

Best friends and two of the finest abstract artists in Taos, both Dixon and Parks share the same passion for creating their work. Living for the creation of art without intention or forethought, art that means something, that which evokes an emotion, a thought or reference to the human condition. Art with a quality that is recognizable.  Both with similar stories of tirelessly struggling with the resolution of their paintings and finding the strength to continue, knowing they may never realize the true meaning or the intrinsic value of what they create.   They are both true painters painting.  To view our digital exhibition catalogue please follow this link:

Dixon’s works on panel of multi-hued, obsessively layered oils appear physically attacked on a human scale.  Scraped, splashed, and scratched, each work is a scarred canvas of which has been effaced with infinite activity and pigmentation to make room for later painting, with original traces remaining.  Assaulted with a steel chisel, 10 inch brush, wide palette knives, or whatever is handy, the panels reveal buried graffiti and strata upon strata of history beneath, countered by lyric color combinations, calligraphic markings and, at times, geometric designs drawn in oil stick.

Parks approaches his paintings with three elements in mind, the physical, psychological and spiritual, never intending to create a specific composition. The work is about the interplay of those elements to describe the human condition and the possibility of transcendence. His paintings are meant to be introspective, not always understood on the surface, but appreciated best through a process of discovery.


Painters Painting, Tom Dixon & Peter Parks
  • 1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite i
  • Taos, NM 87571
  • to
  • Just 2 miles south of Taos Plaza
  • free
  • Recurring daily