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Queen Cassiopeia
Dates: November 10, 2018
Address: 409 Dog Canyon Rd., Alamogordo, NM 87045
Time: 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Price: $5 per carload

 Meet at Group Shelter :  The AAG will be hosting a tour of the northern constellation Cassiopeia. In Greek mythology, Cassiopeia was the queen of Aethiopia who boasted about her unrivaled beauty and how Jupiter punished her by placing her in the sky. Learn about Cassiopeia's daughter Andromeda and see our large neighboring galaxy by the same name. See several colorful double stars along with the lovely Double Cluster. A slim waxing Moon will grace our western sky shortly after sunset. For information call: 575-437-8284

Queen Cassiopeia
  • 409 Dog Canyon Rd.
  • Alamogordo, NM 87045
  • to
  • New Mexico State Parks
  • $5 per carload