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Roadrunner Emporium New York Avenue, Alamogordo Ghost & History Tour
Presented By: Roadrunner Emporium Fine Arts Gallery, Antiques & More
Dates: November 12, 2022
Address: 928 New York Avenue, Alamogordo, NM 88310
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Price: $20.00

Join New York Avenue Historians Chris Edwards, Alice Weinman and partners showcase the history of New York Avenue's 1900 beginning with an interactive walking tour and ghost stories of the spirits of the late 1800's and early 1900's that roam the street of New York Avenue, Alamogordo. This walking tour includes lunch and specialty beverages plus a visit to multiple business locations such as Roadrunner Emporium built in 1900, Victoria on Pins and Needle built in 1905, the Sierra Theater now the Flickinger Center behind the scenes, New York Avenue Art and Music Studio and the private home of Emmanual Renteria and Lydia Aspen in the former Coke-a-Cola Plant, Otero Arts in the 1936 Women's Club and ending at the Tularosa Basin Museum where the docents bring history to life. This is one of the most popular history and ghost tours in New Mexico and takes about 4 hours to complete.

The tour begins telling the story of the City of Alamogordo which was founded in 1898, when the El Paso and Northeastern Railroad, headed by Charles Eddy, extended the railway to the town. Charles influenced the design of the community, which included large wide thoroughfares and tree-lined irrigation canals. Charles Eddy's brother, John Eddy, named the new city Alamogordo after a grove of fat cottonwoods he remembered from the Pecos River area. When Alamogordo was laid out in 1898, the east-west streets were given numerical designations, while north-south streets were named after states, thus the main street commercial zone of New York Avenue. The present-day White Sands Boulevard was then called Pennsylvania Avenue.

and leading into the tour's origination point of 928 New York Avenue...

First National Bank Building 1900 of Alamogordo & Roadrunner Emporium 2021

New York Avenue was developed via the original First National Bank of Alamogordo chartered in 1900, at the corner of 10thStreet and New York as an anchor to downtown. This 1900’s building still showcases the original vaults and is a showplace of art, culture and history as Roadrunner Emporium Fine Arts Gallery, Antiques and More 928 New York Avenue showcasing bank vaults of 1900.

The history of that anchor building begins with the 4 safes that still exist today and were brought in as the center anchor to the building. The premier art deco safe has been restored and is a photo stop for tourist from around the world and locals alike. The art deco safe was handcrafted in Cleveland Ohio of stainless steel and shipped via rail at a cost of $36,000 in 1900. $36,000 in 1900 has a relative inflated worth of $1,209,878.62 as of today.

Upon arrival in 1900 the decorative art deco styled safe was hoisted and ultimately delivered to its present location, as a center showcase section to the building at 928 New York Avenue, presently Roadrunner Emporium. It was the showcase safe and the only one of the 4 in the building, with an automated timer, thus the wealthiest of Alamogordo, and gold was stored in this very special vault.  The timing mechanism was assembled in 1898 and is still in operating condition today. 

From this location the tour proceeds meet Alice Weinman who tells the ghost stories of Willie whose bones are in the floorboard of her building. As a former horse wrangler in 1898 he died in the hands of the sheriff and now protects "Ms. Alice" from non-believers of ill intent. Ms. Alice share the tales of other New York Avenue Ghosts such as Judy, the restless spirit of Maggie and the loud partiers of the Railroad Men's Club and beyond. 

The tour then walks onward for a treat in artistic expression and history that is entertaining and enlightening. Come join the fun and see history come alive at 928 New York Avenue and hear the whispers of the past...


Roadrunner Emporium New York Avenue, Alamogordo Ghost & History Tour
  • 928 New York Avenue
  • Alamogordo, NM 88310
  • to
  • Roadrunner Emporium Fine Arts Gallery, Antiques & More
  • $20.00