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Scorpions and Coconut Trees
Dates: June 16, 2018
Address: 409 Dog Canyon Rd., Alamogordo, NM 87045
Time: 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Price: Regular Park Fees Apply

 Orion the Hunter once boasted that he could kill all the animals of Earth. Juno, the wife of Jupiter, placed a scorpion on a path Orion frequented which stung and nearly killed him. To keep the peace, Jupiter vanquished both to the heavens in opposite skies so they can never meet again. The Orion constellation has set for the season, so the constellation Scorpius now rules the skies. South Pacific islands do not have scorpions so they saw the constellation as a coconut tree swaying in the wind. Which do you see? Come glimpse atmospheric bands on the planet Jupiter and star clusters in Scorpio, along with the latest findings from NASA's Juno spacecraft.

Location: Oliver Lee Memorial State Park is located 12 miles south of Alamogordo. Take US 54 south for about 8 miles then east on Dog Canyon Road for 4 miles. Meet at the Group Shelter on the left as you enter the park. 

Scorpions and Coconut Trees
  • 409 Dog Canyon Rd.
  • Alamogordo, NM 87045
  • to
  • New Mexico State Parks
  • Regular Park Fees Apply