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Shadow of Once Great Stars
Dates: October 21, 2017
Address: 409 Dog Canyon Rd., Alamogordo, NM 87045
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Price: $5.00 Day Use Fee

The Amateur Astronomers Group will be sponsoring a tour of the fall sky. The constellations of the Summer Triangle and the Milky Way still reign supreme in the night sky. Come see the Veil Nebula and Messier 27, the Dumbbell Nebula, the brightest and one of the biggest of the planetary nebulas as seen from Earth. The first planet discovered by telescope, Uranus, will be at opposition. Dress warmly, come early and enjoy the beauty of Dog Canyon at sunset. 
Fees: Regular Entrance Fee 
Contact: Kate German (575) 437-8284 


Shadow of Once Great Stars
  • 409 Dog Canyon Rd.
  • Alamogordo, NM 87045
  • to
  • New Mexico State Parks
  • $5.00 Day Use Fee