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The Drugstore Gypsies
Dates: January 26, 2018
Address: 401 E. Main Street, Red River, NM 87558
Time: 9:00 PM

"This is a band people will make movies about. In fact, you’ d be hard-pressed to craft a more captivating story for a morecompelling cast of characters in a Hollywood writer’ s room. In their own words, they are intent on to bringing to you, “Some of the greatest music of the modern day!” Experience a Gypsies’  show and you’ ll be consumed by their irrepressible enthusiasm and innate humor. Know them and succumb to their down-home charm. They are intent on taking their rightful place in the annals of rock ‘ n’  roll history, side-by-side with all the great American rock bands who have come before. Treasure their record and bear witness to their rise. What’ s their ultimate destiny?"

The Drugstore Gypsies
  • 401 E. Main Street
  • Red River, NM 87558
  • to
  • Bull O' the Woods Saloon