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The First Quarter Moon
Dates: September 15, 2018
Address: 409 Dog Canyon Rd., Alamogordo, NM 87045
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Price: Regular Park Fees Apply

Our nearest celestial neighbor will be highlighted this month. The Sea of Tranquility and the Sea of Serenity will be along the terminator on the Moon and learn how the features got their names. These areas are the landing spots for the Surveyor 5, Apollo 11, Apollo 17 and Luna 21 missions. Venus, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon will trace out an imaginary line called the ecliptic across the sky bisecting the Milky Way. 

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park is located 12 miles south of Alamogordo.  Take US 54 south for about 8 miles then east on Dog Canyon Road for 4 miles.  Meet at the Group Shelter on the left as you enter the park.

The First Quarter Moon
  • 409 Dog Canyon Rd.
  • Alamogordo, NM 87045
  • to
  • New Mexico State Parks
  • Regular Park Fees Apply