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The Leekya Family: Master Carvers of Zuni Pueblo
Dates: June 24, 2017 - September 24, 2017
Recurrence: Recurring daily
Address: 2000 Mountain Road NW, Albuquerque

Zuni carver Leekya Deyuse emerged in the early 1900s as the preeminent maker of stone figural sculptures, fetishes, mosaic work and figural jewelry in the 20th century June 24 to Sept. 24, 2017 Marketed primarily by regional Indian art traders around the area of Gallup, New Mexico, Leekya Deyuse (known as Leekya) emerged in the early- to mid- 1900s as Zuni Pueblo’s most famous commercial carver. Leekya’s excellence in carving reached a high point by the 1950s, with his work acquired for museum and private collections worldwide. This exhibition celebrates Leekya’s legacy, along with the work of his contemporaries and descendants. Leekya was among the first few Zuni lapidarists to move from carving traditional “fetishes” for personal and religious use, to carving figures for the Indian art tourist market. Along with a few other carvers, Leekya found work carving animals, human figures, leaves, and other shapes as tourist items or to be set into silverwork, a rapidly growing industry in the 1900s. This exhibition is organized by Albuquerque Museum, Deb Slaney curator of history.

The Leekya Family: Master Carvers of Zuni Pueblo
  • 2000 Mountain Road NW
  • Albuquerque
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  • Albuquerque Museum
  • Recurring daily