Cowboy Days

Dates March 4 - 5
Las Cruces, NM
(575) 522-4100

Mosey on over to the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum as they pay tribute to New Mexico’s ranching traditions during the annual Cowboy Days festival. Enjoy two jam-packed days of cowboy demonstrations, chuck wagon cooking, cowboy music, pony rides, children’s activities, and more. Pay homage to the classic Wild West figure, the cowboy, with roping and riding demonstrations, dancing, and even cowboy poets and storytellers.

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Other Things to do While Visiting the Area

Historic Mesilla

Once a major stop for those traveling between San Antonio and San Diego, historic Mesilla has stayed authentic to its roots, allowing visitors to see what an 1800s border town looked like. Today, Mesilla offers a wide range of events, shopping, and dining on the town’s plaza.

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White Sands National Monument

45 miles east of Las Cruces is White Sands National Monument, the world’s largest gypsum dune-field. One of the world’s great natural wonders, the glistening white wave-like dunes engulf 275 square miles. Visitors can enjoy a day of dune sledding, picnicking, hiking, and more.

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Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument

The Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument’s 496,000 acres surround Las Cruces and features recreational opportunities like hiking desert nature trails, discovering petroglyphs and archeological sites, and scenic camping.

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City of Rocks State Park

City of Rocks gets its name from its incredible volcanic rock formations made up of large, sculptured rock columns rising as high as 40 feet and separated by paths or lanes resembling city streets. Hiking trails, a desert botanical garden, excellent mountain biking, and a public night sky observatory add to this unique destination.

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