Front-of-House Food & Beverage Employee of the Year

Gloria John

Quality Inn & Suites - Gallup

About Gloria John

Gloria John never fails to amaze her coworkers with her hard work and dedication. Her positive attitude leaves a lasting impression on guests and fellow staff members alike.  Gloria goes out of her way to make sure each guest has a memorable experience during their stay at the Quality Inn & Suites - Gallup. Gloria's friendly service is so magnetic that repeat guests make visits to town and to the hotel just to revisit her. Gloria has earned countless positive reviews and Q Service Stars over the years - and every one of those accolades recognizes her warmth and her personal attention to every guest. 

Economic Impact
As a hospitality professional who works in McKinley County, Gloria John contributed to $242 million in visitor spending in 2018 - which includes $80 million visitor spending on accommodations and $62 million in visitor spending on food & beverage (source: Tourism Economics)


Gloria John contributes to a tourism industry that directly impacted 2,449 jobs for McKinley County, and directly impacted $48 million in labor income for McKinley County in 2018. (source: Tourism Economics)

Gloria received this honor on Nov. 6, 2019, at the 2019 Top HAT Awards, hosted annually by the New Mexico Hospitality Association. For more information on this event, click here.