Sunday, May 6 kicks-off National Travel and Tourism Week, and this year's theme is "Travel Then, Travel Now." To celebrate, we'll be posting nostalgic photos and tourism ads on social media and we want to make sure you're included!

Before April 20, 2018, please email us your historic/nostalgic photos (recognizable locations, historical landmarks and notable destinations) or advertisements from your destination to

We will share these photos on social media to showcase how travel and tourism has changed in your community and across the state as a whole, as well as incorporate them into the department's presentation at the 2018 Governor's Conference on Tourism in Mescalero.

National Travel and Tourism Week brings industry professionals together to highlight the value of travel and consider the broad impact it holds for communities across the country. Over many decades the tourism industry in New Mexico has grown and industry partners have worked hard and strategically to market and sell this great state as a fun, exciting and adventuresome vacation spot. 


Deadline: April 20, 2018


Photo Courtesy: Palace of the Governors Photo Archives (NMHM/DCA) - 055409 - Central Avenue (Route 66) looking westAlbuquerqueNew Mexico