Video Assets

The New Mexico Tourism Department has an incredible supply of video assets available for sharing. Visit to find videos that can be posted, shared via social media and embedded on your website to inspire travel to your destination.

New Mexico True Stories

These incredible videos show why the people of New Mexico, our people, are the nation’s strongest and most awe-inspiring (and they’re great, shareable content too). Take a look at our biggest source of pride, the New Mexico True Stories series, to start putting these inspirational tools to work for you.
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New Mexico True Television

From the Shidoni Foundry outside of Santa Fe to horseback riding in Mescalero, the NM True Television Crew has covered a lot of ground. These segments, ranging from around 1 minute to around 6 minutes, can be very valuable tools in showing potential visitors what they can expect out of a trip to your area.
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New Mexico True Overviews

In this fast-paced world, consumers need to know quickly what a vacation to your destination has to offer. These :30 aerial overviews of New Mexico’s treasures give a glimpse at the beauty of New Mexico, and can easily posted and shared for your convenience.
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New Mexico True Experiences

A trip to New Mexico is an adventure that feeds the soul, but that doesn’t happen without the help of some truly incredible experiences. These videos offer trip ideas that are unique to New Mexico, narrated by the people that made them possible.
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