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Clean & Beautiful Grant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply and receive grant money from New Mexico Clean & Beautiful?

Your entity is eligible if it fits into one of the following categories as defined by the Litter Control and Beautification Act:

Section 8 Eligibility: Those localities as defined under Section 6, Definitions, 6.10.

Section 6.10 Locality: All 33 New Mexico counties, all incorporated towns, all incorporated cities and New Mexico Indian nation, tribe or pueblo government.

How many programs can I submit?

Each applicant may submit up to four programs. You may group similar projects together (e.g. graffiti painting, median beautification). The same is true for similar events (e.g. litter-free, cleanups, recycling). If you have related education and outreach efforts or other programs, consider using one “program” form for in order to maximize the number on each form. If your programs involve youth employment or utilize adult civic organizations, be sure to reserve one of the four programs for them. In this year’s application you will see that Subcontracts and Internships have been separated. You may complete both the Subcontracts and Internship sections of the application and it will only count as one program.

How do I submit my budget?

Each page of the application has its own budget table. Refer to the Program 1-4 pages, the Subcontracts and Internships  pages to enter your expenses and monetary/in-kind contributions. Use the page entitled “Budget” to enter your Keep America Beautiful expenses.

Please contact Andrea Lawrence at 505-827-6346 or should you need additional lines for budget items.

Where might I find additional funding sources?

Keep America Beautiful offers grants to its affiliate network ( Keep New Mexico Beautiful has a grant program ( The New Mexico Environment Department offers grants through its Recycling and Illegal Dumping (RAID) program (

How do I find out more about becoming a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate?

KAB Affiliates benefit in a myriad of ways. Gain access to a network over 600+ communities facing challenges and experiencing successes in similar situations. Access grant money, in-kind donations, training, tools and resources that help communities nationwide become more efficient and effective in their efforts to inspire and educate people to take action everyday that improves and beautifies their community environment. KAB and NMCB staff offers guidance and support through its certification process. For more information visit and contact Andrea Lawrence, Program Manager for New Mexico Clean & Beautiful, 505-827-6346 or

What happens next?

The grant cycle is scheduled to open during the first quarter of 2016 for fund use during FY17 (from July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017). We will update this page as more information and details become available.