New Mexico True Certified Toolkit

Are you a member of the New Mexico True Certified program? This toolkit provides members with a list of the benefits and assets available to use in promoting your New Mexico True Certified business and products. Not a member yet? Read more and apply here.

Lilly BarrackAre you a New Mexico restaurant featuring menu items containing ingredients grown and or born and raised in the state? Have you made a commitment to source as many local products as you can? If you answered yes, this may be the place for you.

We are just getting started in providing a listing of local restaurants on our website. The list is small now, but with your help, it will continue to grow.

Please contact us directly if your restaurant fits the description and you want to be considered for inclusion in the New Mexico True Certified program.

  1. Add your business and photos of your products to the New Mexico True Certified page at Your listing on the New Mexico True Certified page will include photos, product description and a hyperlink to your own website. (Learn More)
  2. Start using the New Mexico True Certified mark on your packaging and marketing materials by requesting a license agreement (be prepared to provide mockups of how you plan to use the mark).
  3. Let your customers and fans know that your products are proudly New Mexico True Certified by posting this video on your website and/or social media pages.
  4. Request up to 4 free “Proud Member / Local Products” New Mexico True Certified window decals to display in your storefront or business.
  5. Is your business open to the public, and do you offer a uniquely New Mexican experience that people would be willing to travel for? Submit a story for consideration to New Mexico True Television.
  6. Request image files to have your own New Mexico True Certified stickers created for use on packaging and marketing materials (for partners who have an executed license agreement). Wanting to Purchase New Mexico True Certified logo labels for packaging and promotion? (Learn More)
  7. Get in-state or national PR exposure for your New Mexico True Certified product or related event by emailing a press releases and photos.
  8. Does your New Mexico True Certified product have an incredible story? Tell us about it and you might be featured in an upcoming New Mexico Magazine.
  9. Encourage your customers to visit you in New Mexico by sharing these videos on your website and/or social media pages.
  10. Invite members of our marketing and PR team to tour your business and gather insight on greater partnership opportunities.
  11. Share photos of your products on social media using #NewMexicoTRUE!

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