The Albuquerque Journal reports that at least four city councilors are preparing an ordinance to address single-use plastics.  A growing awareness of the dangers of single-use plastics has led to bans and levees on these items popping up all over the country and the world over the last decade. Albuquerque's city councilors are preparing an ordinance for the city which would prohibit retailers from providing single-use plastic bags and styrofoam containers to their customers. There is also a note about plastic straws; retailers will have to get rid of their plastic ones and replace those with wood or paper ones instead. There is plenty more detail to the ordinance, including specifications for paper bags with regards to recyclability and a grace period for retailers to use up their plastic stock. 

It is a very interesting issue, and the city will need input from it's residents, so make your voice heard! 

  • Click here to read the full article from the Albuquerque Journal. 


Skip the Straw and Ban the Bag!