Did you know lunch is the most wasteful meal of the day? Chamisa Elementary School Students are here to teach you how to go waste free! The students put together this video to explain how to pack a zero waste lunch. Check it out and start packing! 

The students were recognized for their efforts and received the Solid Waste Innovative Project of the Year last month for their inspiring Zero Waste Lunch Program. Los Alamos County has been working with Los Alamos Public Schools to create and sustain lunch recycling programs and Zero Waste Lunch Programs for several years, and Chamisa Elementary has been actively leading the district in recycling and composting at lunch. The school has a greenhouse and composting capability, and Chamisa has won the Non-Profit Business Recycler of the Year award three years in a row. That’s impressive!

Through this experience the students learned that while recycling is great, it is more effective, less labor intensive, and better for the environment to promote zero waste lunches. This eliminates any waste. The Chamisa Elementary Green Team, a team composed of students, successfully deployed a Zero Waste Lunch Day and Zero Waste Lunch Week. The students created a charming video to educate the school students and teachers on how to pack a zero waste lunch. Raffle prizes were awarded to those who participated, consisting of BPA-free reusable snack containers or water bottles.

Over 60% of students participated in the Zero Waste Lunch Day and 40% participated in the Zero Waste Lunch Week. Due to this success, Los Alamos County worked with Chamisa to expand this program to the community and other Los Alamos schools. Using funds from an NMED RAID Grant, Los Alamos County and Chamisa Elementary Green Team developed an educational (and very well acted) "How to Pack A Zero Waste Lunch" video that is displaying at the local movie theatre for one year.

The video is available on YouTube and can be used by other schools or communities, bringing awareness to the community about the importance of waste minimization and providing tips to prepare a zero waste lunch for school or work.


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