The New Mexico Clean & Beautiful grant is now open. Applicants will have until April 4th to submit their application. 

Click here for the application portal. 

Grant Purpose

As the New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD) continues to advocate for New Mexico, the New Mexico Clean and Beautiful (NMCB) grant aims to work with local and tribal communities to identify projects, initiatives, and events that lend themselves to a more pristine and environmentally friendly state. Through education, outreach, and matching grant funds there is a profound, positive impact to enhance the lives of New Mexicans by creating socially connected, ecologically sustainable, and economically sound environments that are great places to live and visit. 

In collaboration with Keep America Beautiful and its affiliate network and the protocol set forth in the Litter Control and Beautification Act, the NMCB grant provides compelling reasons and ample opportunities for New Mexicans to participate in local events and projects that focus on litter reduction, recycling initiatives, and beautification efforts. 

The NMCB grant supports strong, sustainable, action-oriented programs and projects that demonstrate a clear commitment to community education, volunteer engagement, and behavioral change.


All 33 New Mexico counties, all incorporated towns, all incorporated cities and New Mexico Indian nation, tribe or pueblo government. (For-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, any and all other entities not meeting the aforementioned parameters are NOT eligible.)

Special Conditions

The program is a reimbursement-based, matching grant. Awardees are required to match grant funds with at least an additional 25% of cash and/or in-kind donations contributed by public and private entities. Hard costs eligible for reimbursement must be fully absorbed by the grant holder prior to reimbursement, which is paid based on actual expenses submitted with appropriate documentation. 

Use of Funds

The purpose of the "New Mexico Litter Control and Beautification Act," NMSA § 67-16-1 et. Seq. (1978) is to control litter by authorizing the Department to eliminate litter from New Mexico to the maximum practical extent through a state-coordinated plan of education, control, prevention, and elimination.” To this end, eligible entities around the state work with the Department to develop and sustain Keep America Beautiful programs that curb litter and reduce blight, support beautification, recycling, and education initiatives and efforts.

Funding Availability


Range of Awards 

Awards are based on the overall budget and evaluation criteria. The award process is competitive and not all eligible applicants are funded. NMTD offers multiple tools including online resources that provide guidance toward submitting a successful application. 

Funding Cycle – Duration 

Agreements are effective July 1 of every year and all funds must be expended when they terminate on June 30 of the following year, a state fiscal year. 

Source of Funds 

The program is funded by the motor vehicle registration fee and receives $0.50 from each registration.

Application Process

Applicants will create an account on the and complete the application form. 


The online application for FY20 opens on March 7, 2019 and closes on April 4.

Selection Criteria & Decision Authority 

NMTD staff members evaluate the proposals and score the applications based on published criteria found on the Clean and Beautiful Resources page. Subsequently, NMTD staff members will make recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary. Upon the Secretary’s approval, awards are made and contracts are initiated and implemented.


New Mexico Litter Control and Beautification Act, NMSA § 67-16-1 

Information Contact

Saba Ijadi, Program Coordinator

Updates for FY20

We continue to streamline our application. This year, you will see some format changes that complement last year’s revision. We once again invite applicants to submit projects and events that have a holistic approach by combining the focus areas of litter reduction, recycling initiatives, beautification, education, and youth employment. Your application should clearly address:

  • Profound impact(s); for example, visible transformation of public spaces, or youth employment that leads to long-term stewardship.

  • Sustainability; for example, community cleanup events combined with consistent educational programming.