Don’t toss your green waste out with your garbage, consider composting your yard trimmings, leaves, flowers, and more!

Instead of ending up in a landfill where it would create toxic methane, that organic material can be used to create a rich, fertile soil amendment that retains moisture and nurtures farms and gardens.
Composting also sets up the carbon sequestration cycle that removes carbon from the atmosphere, thus reversing climate change!

As you can see, organics recycling and composting is beneficial to the environment but it also can be challenging in the Desert.
Click to learn more about how you can overcome these challenges and compost at home:  (downloadable PDF)

Do you own a restaurant or work somewhere that disposes of food? Did you know that commercial composting can have a significant impact on your community? When you recycle organic materials, you extend the life of municipal landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save tax money, reclaim a valuable resource, and replenish the soil.  Organics recycling is an environmentally responsible alternative to landfills.  

Reunity (Santa Fe) is a Northern New Mexico based 501c3 social enterprise with a zero waste mission. Reunity collects commercial food scraps from local restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and public school cafeterias to create a premium soil amendment efficiently and effectively.

Soilutions (Albuquerque) diverts organic material from the waste stream and recycles it into compost and other recycled products that amend the soil and enhance plant growth. They accept organic materials such as horse manure, trees, grass clippings, commercial food scraps, and more.