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102 East Water Street Santa Fe, NM 87501
North Central

What is Art*o*mat®? Retired vintage cigarette machines have been converted to vend art. There are over 100 active machines in various locations throughout the country and El Centro de Santa Fe is proud to host the very first Art*o*mat® in New Mexico. Founded in 1997 by artist, Clark Whittington, Art*o*mat® began as a one man art show with photos wrapped in cellophane that were offered for sale in a retired cigarette machine. Now there are over 400 contributing artists in the project. Art*o*mat® believes that art should be progressive yet personal and approachable. What better way to do this than with a heavy cold steel machine? Each Art*o*mat® machine is a work of art in itself. What do I get? The experience of pulling the knob alone is quite a thrill but you also walk away with an original work of art for only $5. What an easy way to become an art collector!Collect: drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, and more -all the size of a box of cigarettes. Just as addictive but a whole lot healthier! Art*o*mat® is located in Santa Fe at El Centro de Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, in Bernalillo at the Range Cafe, and in Albuquerque at Standard Diner. More keep popping up so check the website for additional locations and details. Art*o*mat® friends and fans love to search out where our art vending machines are on their travels and make a tour of it. Be sure to post your photos online!