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Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill
3011 Monte Vista Blvd. NE, 3011 Monte Vista Blvd. NE, as above Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 254-7716

The Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill is dedicated to preserving and growing theatrical arts both locally and nationally. It is where theatrical artists come to hone and expand their knowledge and understanding of what theater is and can be. Our mission is to support, train and encourage working and emerging playwrights, designers, technicians and actors while also creating new ways to experience the theatrical arts beyond the traditional stage. Furthermore, our goal is to work in partnership with community organizations and businesses in order to expose a wider audience to the theatrical arts. Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill presents New Mexico audiences with live theater that challenges, inspires and entertains, provoking dialogue between artists and their audience as it celebrates the Power of Live Theater to enlighten our community and the world in which we live.

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