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1703 Sudderth Dr #435 Ruidoso, NM 88345

Although I come from four generations of farmers in the Midwest, I never thought I'd be in the business of selling grassfed beef. I left my Minnesota home at the age of 18 to see the mountains of Montana, where my love of horses landed me several jobs on working cattle ranches. I began to see how much land management mattered, especially in a landscape that didn't have close to 50 inches of rain a year. The winter of 2003, I was in a car accident that left me with a broken neck and 17 broken teeth. During my slow healing process, I decided to continue my education through some online classes: I'd been homeschooled and had never officially finished in my haste to see other places. But I didn't give up on my education. In 2006, I got an acceptance letter from Smith College, and finished my Bachelors in English in 2010, working three jobs to put myself through college. While there I minored in Landscape Studies, a choice that would become life-changing for this rootless cowgirl. I've found ways to interact organically with landscapes wherever I am. This passion has taken over my life, in the best possible way. My husband Sam and I are committed to making a viable living from regenerative ranching. And I'm committed to taking that even further: Big Circle Beef combines my love of landscapes with the ultimate end result: heathy rangelands, and healthy food to help people live their best lives.