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Carol LaRoche Gallery

Carole LaRoche captures a world of natural magic in every bright image she paints. Her birds, animals, and people glow from within. Their still, vulnerable faces reflect their inner souls, conjuring up angels, oracles, and shamans. Her Canyon Road gallery has long been a favored destination in Santa Fe. Her work faithfully reflects the artistic exuberance, romance, and spirituality of this trend-setting yet ancient city.\n\nLaRoche's paintings are instantly recognizable because of the impact of their glorious color and strong composition. Their powerful graphic presence is communicated with timeless clarity.\n\nCarole LaRoche Gallery hosts a wide range of visitors, all of whom respond to the art on their own terms. From casual tourist to experienced collector, each person is drawn to the compelling subjects and to the sheer excellence of LaRoche's work. The spirit of the earth, sun, and moon is present in every frame.\n\nLaRoche has been an artist since she was a very young woman, attending art school and collecting African sculpture. She found the ideas of the academic world confining, so after acquiring the basic technical skills that any artist must begin with, she moved to New Mexico and set out on her own. Her creative spirit soared in the Santa Fe skies. She became one of the best known artists on Canyon Road.