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Cate Goedert

Cate's training and experience in the theater have influenced her art work. She looks for the singular moment when the ordinary is heightened and becomes dramatic. The images that she makes are often iconic and solitary. They may evoke a sense of wonder, longing or mystery and are often quirky and full of humor.\n\nCate grew up an only child in a small town in the Midwest. As a young adult, she moved to Chicago where she earned an MFA at the Goodman School of Drama and spent her youth working in the booming off-Loop Theater movement of the seventies. A member of the St. Nicholas Theater Company, she wore many hats: actress, director, stage manager, and casting director.\n\nIn the late eighties, she went back to school and earned a degree in spirituality. She opened her own counseling practice in Evanston, Illinois and began working with recovering addicts. During those years, she also created a line of handcrafted jewelry.\n\nOn a trip to Paris to attend a jewelry workshop in the late 90's, she discovered that the only thing she wanted to do was wander the city taking pictures with her point-and-shoot Pentax. She brought the images home and began to experiment with Polaroid film and pastels.\n\nShe's still not sure how she ended up in Santa Fe. Her story is like one told by many artists who've found themselves in the Land of Enchantment. She was passing through on a road trip and never left. She knew instinctively that here she would find the community and the inspiration she needed to grow as an artist.\n\nHer instinct has proven true. In the eight years that she's lived here, her work has been featured several times in the Pasatiempo, the weekly arts magazine published by the Santa Fe New Mexican. She is a member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists and the Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association. Her work has been showcased in Santa Fe, Chicago, Seattle, and Little Rock.