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Chip Shoots Film
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I’m an award winner photographer that has been shooting film for more than 50 years. Having studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I owned and operated a commercial studio outside of New York City for about 15 years.  My clients included Fortune 500 companies, other big corporations and many terrific smaller clients. 

Today I photograph what interests me rather than what clients need. My work is a study of light, composition and color.  I’m currently focused on my Passed Lives and Ordinary Things projects. 

My Ordinary Things project is a body of work in which I photograph doors, buildings, chairs, and other Ordinary Things as they become transformed by New Mexico’s extraordinary light. 

The New Mexico's landscape is dotted with abandoned structures and other things layered with lives that have passed.  What led to their abandonments?  When photographing my Passed Lives series I try to find the beauty of these things by depicting their textures in our region’s legendary light.  

I love photographing with film because of the unique color palette that cannot be duplicated by digital imaging.  My film is scanned professionally and I work closely with my expert scanning technician to ensure the scans reflect my vision. 

I live in the mountains of southern New Mexico, where hunting for things with Passed Lives is rich and the light is never Ordinary!

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