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CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings and Reiki Healing Center

Welcome to the Land of Enchantment! Indulge yourself with an enchanting, healing experience with a CLAIRVUE Psychic Reading, and a Reiki treatment at CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings and Reiki Healing Center. \n\nAt peaceful CLAIRVUE Cottage in the heart of the historic Village of Corrales you will enjoy spiritually inspiring, emotionally uplifting, and gently healing Readings and Reiki that Lane and Wendy offer. In the summer sit on our patio among the beautiful Chinese Elms and Trees of Heaven for a Reading and a glass of cool mint tea. Everything is special just for you.\n\nFor over 35 years, Wendy has been providing the clearest, most interesting and moving CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings. The information will both fascinate and delight you. Wendy hears every golden word for word that the Spirit Guides on High have to tell you. Lane adds the jewels. \n\nWe do Past Life Readings, are Mediums, and can provide information about your Angels and Spirit Guides.\n\nA CLAIRVUE Reiki session, from Reiki Masters, Wendy and Lane, can relax and energize you for all of your New Mexico vacation fun. Reiki will soothe and heal you and help you with jet lag, tiredness, and pain. Stop here at CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings and Reiki Healing Center FIRST! to understand the true meaning of how enchanting New Mexico can be! Enjoy CLAIRVUE - Light for A Clear View. \n\nPlease call (505) 898-7832 for an appointment to be sure that we can give special attention to your needs when you would like it.