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Cloucroft Chamber of Commerce
1001 James Canyon Hwy. Cloudcroft

Whether you come for a day, a weekend or for an entire season, you will find pure, clean mountain air, cool summer temperatures and a relaxed rustic atmosphere! In a remarkably beautiful setting, nestled in the middle of 1.1 million acres of the Lincoln National Forest what you won't find are stop lights, fast food or the hustle and bustle of the big city. Visiting Cloudcroft means a year-round Mountain Playland for: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Hunting, Downhill Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Sledding, Snowmobiling, Snow Play, Shopping, Restaurants, Pies, Astronomy, Golf, Camping, Festivals, Scenic By-ways, Wildlife and Nature Photography, Disc Golf, Bird Watching, Lodging, Cabins, Breathtaking Scenery, and the list goes on... Cloudcroft is located just 45 minutes from El Paso, 20 minutes from Alamogordo and located in the heart of the Lincoln National Forest. Shops, restaurants, eateries, lodging facilities and recreational facilities are open year round, and summer high's average is in the COOL 70s!