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Crash Music in the Historic Aztec Theater
104 N. Main Ave. Aztec

My name is George Rowe and I have over 30 years of teaching experience. As an innovative teacher throughout my career I've brought drumming programs into the schools as well as award winning guitar programs. I always strive for authenticity and I've never stopped learning. My degree is in music theory/composition. I'm stylistically grounded in rock, Afro-Cuban, blues, Irish, African, country, folk and old-time. I've taught all ages and was the founder of the Aztec drum group "Ashay". I bring passion to my teaching-and I can help you find the music that you are most interested in. Crash Music is located in the Historic Aztec Theater, 104 N. Main Ave., in Aztec. Bringing live musical performances to San Juan County, supporting the arts and offering private and group lessons in guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, drum set & 2 hand drumming classes every week. Find out more by calling 505 427 6748 or online