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Dan's Rocks and Gems
18 Lemons Dr. Los Lunas, NM 87031
(505) 350-9450

Daniel Williams is a native New Mexican, born in Albuquerque and grew up in Albuquerque's picturesque North Valley.

Daniel's interest in gem and minerals was piqued when an old rockhound showed him a plain looking rock and then cut it open, exposing its natural beauty. From that time forward, Daniel was captivated by the mysteries that lay within gems and minerals.

While in the third grade Daniel saved allowances, bought his first small rock cutting and polishing machine and began to learn and develop skills in the art of lapidary (stone cutting). Years later he began to learn silversmithing to compliment his cut stones.

Daniel is a rockhound and enjoys hiking and collecting rocks and minerals, primarily from New Mexico and Arizona. He always appreciates the opportunity to introduce young people to the wonders found in the study of rocks, minerals and the lapidary arts.

Daniel still enjoys the excitement that comes when he is the first to see a newly cut stone's beauty and complex structure. He enjoys sharing that natural beauty with others.

The jewelry he crafts reflects a purposeful simplicity that accentuates the natural beauty and uniqueness of each stone. 

Daniel's jewelry is on display at Southwest Treasures, Cottonwood Mall, Albuquerque NM.

Daniel can be contacted at 505-350-9450 or

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