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Eddie's Savory Food - NMTC
1052 Main St NE, Suite D Los Lunas, NM 87031

PURCHASE ANY OF EDDIE'S SAVORY FOOD PRODUCTS ON-LINE IN A "FOUR-PACK" FOR $24.00 PLUS SHIPPING AND HANDLING. EDDIE'S OFFERS "HOT" AND "EXTRA HOT" GREEN CHILE SAUCES, REGULAR BARBEQUE, GREEN CHILE BBQ AND "EXTRA HOT" GREEN CHILE BBQ SAUCES. Eddie's now also features "Hot" and "Extra hot" Green Chile Sauces that are made with INSECTICIDE-FREE green chile direct from Rosales Farm located in Lemitar, New Mexico, to your table. Mario and Linda Rosales Certify that the "Hot" and "Extra Hot" GREEN CHILE used by Eddie's to make its products do not use any insecticides and only use MAP 11-52-0 phosphate fertilizer once during planting. CONSEQUENTLY, YOU KNOW WHAT'S IN YOUR CHILE AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHAT'S NOT!!!