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Estrella de la Navidad
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The Ultimate New Mexico Christmas Story "La Estrella de La Navidad" (The Christmas Star) is a warm and satisfying book for all ages about a close family celebrating Christmas at home in New Mexico and experiencing the miracles that Christmas can bring. This emotional and authentic story brings the spirit of New Mexico to readers young and old. Included are recipes for the family's delicious favorite dishes, and beautiful illustrations bring the story to vibrant life. Purchase copies now for family, friends, and colleagues – it will become their new holiday tradition!! On sale now at Like us on Facebook!! Author Jacqueline Duncan Richmond was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico and currently lives and writes in Albuquerque. She has a degree in history from the University of New Mexico and a lasting devotion to Southwestern life and culture. Artist Sharon Burley Rasmussen lives in Seattle, Washington and is a retired newspaper artist and painter. Her gorgeous illustrations reflect her lovely visions of light and color.

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