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Freanna LLC
457 CR 8 Clovis, NM 88101
(575) 683-5110

Sjierkje made naturally thin and pourable yoghurt for her family and friends. When they started asking more and more for the yoghurt, she and Andle decided it was time to bring it to market. Freanna was born. Freanna has a natural light and refreshingly thin consistency, because no fillers, stabilizers or thickeners are used. Ever! It’s authentic Frisian yoghurt, the way it was made back in the day and it’s packed with live and active probiotics.
At Freanna, we believe in quality farm-fresh dairy products, so we wanted to bring our customers local, farm-fresh Cream on Top milk in glass bottles! Its a throwback to a time when food was simpler, healthier and local! When non-homogenized milk settles, the fattier cream rises to the top of the container, leaving what is essentially skim milk in the rest of the container. This separation occurs naturally. The cream can be spooned off the top, or easily re-incorporated by gently shaking the container or by stirring.

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