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Fred's Restaurant
1408 East Sumner Ave Fort Sumner

Fred's is currently managed by Fred and Mary's youngest son, Ron and his wife Marie, but you can still find Fred whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. The lounge is the home of a beautiful historical antique bar. This twenty foot by ten foot marvel was built by the Woodworker's International Union of America in the Northeast Coast of the United States in the mid. 1800's. It was transported by steamboat up the Mississippi River then by wagon to Texico N.M. Information on how it landed in Fort Sumner is vague, but Fred acquired it in the purchase of the liquor license from Foley's Bar in 1968. Legend has it that even Billy the Kid himself was served in front of this masterpiece. Using only hand picked chilies, roasted and peeled every harvest, Fred's is able to serve you green chile as many area families have done for years. You will not find New Mexican cuisine like Fred's anywhere. ENJOY!