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448 Adams Street Hatch

Galactic Transport & Tours will make your visit to Southwestern New Mexico informative and exciting. Allow us to arrange horseback tours to the Gila Mountains, birthplace of Geronimo or fishing in the largest body of water in New Mexico. Visit a Chile Processing Plant in the Rincon Valley of the Rio Grande or view Pictographs etched into canyon boulders centuries past. Tour the Camino Real del Tierra Adentro, the Spanish Royal Road used by Don Juan de Onate in 1498 during his conquest of Nuevo Mexico until the arrival of the railroad in 1861. Spaceport America is built in what was considered the most onerous stretch of the 1,200 mile road, the Jornada del Muerto - Journey of Death. Walk sections of this ancient trail and feel the vast emptiness of the Jornada. Tour Western Forts and battle locations from the Indian Wars. All guided by knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts able to discuss scientific principles and religious symbolism with equal fluency.