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Gathering Artists Gallery
4895 Corrales Road Corrales

Paintings, pottery, sculpture, jewelry, wall hangings, weavings, photography,Rugs, Carvings and other works of over 30-40 artists...from not only the southwest, but other parts of the country. Drop in to see artists often hard at work right here in the gallery. Art Classes and Demonstrations often available as well. Our Artists: Anna Anderson Alistair Andrew Bane, Robert Benjamin, Michael Billie, Marcy Boucher, Loretta Chama, Sutero Chama, Char, Joe Ferrara, Jaque Fragua, Jeanne Garant Doreen Goodlin, Paul Griego, Jana Grover, Jim Holbrook, Marian Howath, Al Joe, Michaela Jordan Karni, Patricia Kruger, Jade Leyva, Lynda Liptak, Charron McFadden, Cecelia McRoberts, Ruth Morris, Marcia Makris, Jenn Noel, Peggy Panter, Jeffrey Potter, Ivan Rane, Ulysses Reid, Ron Rollins, Mateo Romero, Donna Schwenig, Dyanne Strongbow, Storm Townsend, Demian and Alix Vazquez, Cynthia Wister Welch. History: For 22 years Sara Chadwick, owner, has been representing some of the finest Southwest artists and artisans. Her first gallery was in New Hampshire where she was often credited with introducing the Southwest to the Northeast Originally, in the 1990's, she represented many emerging artists and still represents some of them to this day...including Mateo Romero. Now living in New Mexico, Chadwick established Gathering Artists Gallery in 2006. The gallery recently moved to a beautiful new showroom in Corrales.