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Glenn Green Galleries

Since its inception in 1966, Glenn Green Galleries (formerly known as The Gallery Wall, Inc,) has presented a wide variety of international artists in their galleries in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tesuque-Santa Fe and has sponsored exhibits in Europe, Japan, South America and Mexico. Their artists have shown their work in such places as The Pompidou and Grand Palais, Paris, London's British Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City.The gallerists Green hope the that the public will enjoy the works they show online and that they will personally visit their expansive gallery and sculpture garden in Tesuque-Santa Fe, New Mexico and the world-famous 250- acre Phoenician resort in Scottsdale, Arizona where they display art throughout the interior and grounds.Glenn and Sandy Green, owner-directors, acted as representatives for Allan Houser from 1974 until his death in 1994. Houser, a major force in American art, won, among many awards, two Guggenheims, the Palmes "˜d Academique from France and the United States' highest award, the National Medal of Arts. His sculpture styles ranged from the representational to the abstract and in many cases reflected his Chiricahua Apache heritage. The gallery became agents for the celebrated painter, Dan Namingha for 13 years and facilitated many international exhibitions for him. Eduardo Oropeza's sculpture received wide acclaim and Glenn Green Galleries showed his work until his passing in 2003 & continues to represent his estate.