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Greg Moon Art

Greg Moon returned to New Mexico following a 22 year absence shortly after receiving his BFA from University of Texas in Austin. The son of an artist and an educator, his introduction to the arts started early. "My mother has a Master's degree in Art Education and my father is a retired Art Professor/ Artist who has a PhD in the same field. No matter how I struggled against it early on there was little doubt I would end up in the arts. Most of my friends growing up had People Magazine on the living room coffee table - in our house it was American Artist and Art in America."\n Greg has been showing professionally since 1989 in galleries and museum shows; at this point he has been participated in over 100 exhibitions and has amassed 19 one-man shows. His work is split between several diverse bodies of work that reflect his varied aesthetic tastes and interests. At present his artwork includes more traditional media such as watercolor, gouache, and oil painting. He also produces work in the realms of assemblage and mixed media.