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Heritage Inspirations LLC
317 Kit Carson Road Taos, NM 87529
North Central

Are you yearning to dig deeper into New Mexico’s cultural and environmental mystic that enchants so many? Has her vibrant heritage and landscape weaved its spirit into you yet?

Well, at Heritage Inspirations we intimately know and love the adventure, art, culture, heritage and wild places of New Mexico and our mission is to share not only enthralling immersive experiences with you but take you beyond the ordinary tourist route and transcend traditional boundaries with authentically curated New Mexican excursions.

Heritage Inspirations provides you all-inclusive guided itineraries, introducing you to the people, their voices and stories, the history, the cultural sites, the traditions, the magnificent landscapes and natural wonders, which when combined amplify the magic and make New Mexico incredibly special and unique. With us, you’ll journey into the heart of local culture, truly connect to the land and its diverse inhabitants, and feed your soul with unparalleled and transformative experiences.

Our exclusive tours are spreading throughout Northern New Mexico and are offered daily, from half-day to full-day trips, with all your meals, activities, lodging, transportation and comforts thoughtfully anticipated and provided. These outings navigate the Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos regions and their periphery, and we’ll gladly conduct custom and private tours upon request.

We’re able to promise a high level of service because we do pint-sized intimate tours, with all trips allowing between 2 to 12 guests maximum (we can accommodate private larger group tours upon request). By keeping things small, we can focus on each participant and oblige particular interests while ensuring safety and comfort for each individual. Thus, fulfilling our purpose to provide exceptional service and unmatched experiences.

We’re dedicated to you, our guest. We trust you will walk away knowing why this is called the Land of Enchantment when you take a tour with us. Cruise around this website and explore our tour options and add an immersively curated guided tour to your New Mexico travel plans – join us off New Mexico’s beaten path today!

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