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Who needs more Oxygen?\n\nVirtually everybody could use more oxygen for overall well-being and to relieve stress. Studies have shown that individuals in certain circumstances can definitely benefit from oxygenating their bodies the\nHigh Timez O2 Spa Way!\n\n• People suffering from Altitude Sickness\n\n• People suffering from Hangovers\n\n• People who want to Detoxify Their Bodies\n\n• Migraine and Headache Sufferers\n\n• Our aging population\n\n• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome \n\n• Students cramming for exams\n\n• Frequent flyers/Jetlag\n\n• Cold, Flu, and Allergies \n\n• People who require Maximum Mental Alertness\n\nIonic Detox Footbath can improve well-being within 30 minutes in 3 ways:\n\n1. Reactivates weakened cells by electrical impulses.\n2. Stimulates the nerve endings of the feet, thus regulating the internal organs functions and \n eliminating blockages in our meridian system.\n3. Drains toxins from the lymphatic system and detoxifies channels of the body.\nINCREASES VITALITY, BALANCES MERIDIANS, CLEANSES & DETOXIFIES, REDUCES & ALLIVIATES PAIN, DECREASES IRRITABILITY, ENERGIZES, IMPROVES JOINT FUNCTION, ENHANCES METABOLISM, IMPROVES SLEEP, SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION, COMBATS AGING PROCESS\n\nMassage Therapist\nHaysen Weir LMT #5291, CNMT\nEsalen Massage and Integrated Neuromuscular Therapist\nA unique whole-body approach to feeling well.\n\n"Best massage I've ever had." - J.C., M.D., Marfa, TX\n\n"Her obvious expertise and innate healing ability is very deeply effective." - C.C., D.O.M., Santa Fe, NM\n\n\nMassage Sessions\nOxygen Therapy included with all Massage Sessions.\n\n\n30 min Session $45\n60 min Session $75\n90 min session $115\n\nChair Massage\n15 min Session $20\nAdditional time $1 per min.\n\nOxygen Sessions\nAll sessions 20 minutes and over include back rub, temple rub, nose cannel and aroma therapy\n10 min Session $10\n15 min Session $15\n20 min Session $20\n\nIon Foot Detox bath\n30 min. session includes\n Oxygen Therapy\n$30\n\n\nAroma Steam Sauna\n30 min. session includes\nOxygen Therapy\n$30\n\nThe air is thin in Santa Fe! If you live at a low elevation and fly in to a New Mexico High Desert, your body will not be acclimated to the lesser amount of oxygen at high elevation. While some folks have no trouble skiing, hiking, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, or horseback riding, other people do have difficulty getting enough oxygen to their lungs. It's called "altitude sickness". Call us if you feel you might have altitude sickness!