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J&D Foods
120 Trumbull Ave SE Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 243-4127

J&D Foods Inc. Company History

Who Are We?
We are J&D Foods Inc. manufacturers of Bar X Brand Beef Jerky. New Mexico’s first  jerky company. We are the leading family and woman owned wholesaler, producer, and manufacturer of ready to eat New Mexican Food. We have been providing our customers with delicious authentic New Mexican staple foods since 1977.
What Is Carne Seca?
Carne Seca is todays current hot food trend, but our ancestors have making and eating it for generations! In order to survive the harsh Western desert, native New Mexicans and early settlers began practicing the technique of drying food. Hunting or raising livestock, butchering, then salting and drying the meat, guaranteed them the existence of meat for the cold season or to face droughts. Thus, Carne Seca was created, becoming a New Mexican staple.
Unlike typical thick, chewy and preservative laden American jerkies, Carne Seca is a thinner, dryer style jerky, made with fresh ingredients and baked slowly to replicate the traditional drying process. The result is a TASTY, HEALTHY, ALL-NATURAL Snack. Although popular in the American Southwest, Carne Seca was primarily cooked and eaten at home, and remained uncommercialized until the 1980’s.
 Our Founders/Family
In 1977 Papa Ed Gauna and Grandma Jane started Bar X Brand Beef Jerky, becoming Americas very first Jerky company to bring “Carne Seca” style beef Jerky to the masses. Using the same process and techniques of our ancestors, our family continues the tradition of making delicious Carne Seca style Beef Jerky, using only all natural, fresh and locally sourced ingredients.
Our Future
Soon after Jane and Ed turned over Bar X Brand to their Daughter Debra J Gauna and became J&D Foods Inc. Debbie and her Children began expanding our catalogue to include more traditional and unique New Mexican staples and snack foods including our Frozen Sandia Green Chile and Alejandro’s Pineapple Vegan Jerky. We continue our family tradition of feeding the world delicious, traditionally made, all-natural New Mexican snacks. 

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