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James LLC
No physical location Albuquerque, NM 87109

How We Got Started... Mike read a story about mining for rubies in Franklin, North Carolina. Our first trip to Franklin resulted in being flooded out of our "2-person" orange colored tent. Sleeping in the non-reclining seats of a B-210 hatch back. We were soaked the entire time in Franklin but had a great time in the Smokey Mountains... Now, we spend most of our time in New Mexico hiking, meeting great people, collecting rocks, sharing our finds, cutting and polishing (most of the hand-polishing) rocks to create modern designs! The designs are inspired from various experiences from an icicle dripping off a stop sign to a torii gates in Japan to Frank Lloyd Wright architecture to tumbleweed found in a arroyo. The inspiration comes from far and near, etc... Most of our jewelry is bespoke. In other words, each piece is hand crafted, one piece at a time And many times, the pieces is not replicated. Mike is the master at cutting, grinding and hand polishing until the stone is perfect! This process may take days as he doesn't want to let the stone be put into a piece of jewelry until it meets what he thinks nature intended or the energy or its spirit. Doreen will dream about jewelry designs. She may get up in the middle of the night when a design comes to her. She will draw out the design on a chalk board wall. Make a template design and then she begins her task one creating one piece of jewelry at a time. New Mexico offers some of the most beautiful minerals/rocks!

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